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The alcohol drug evaluation is necessary if you have been arrested for Driving under the Influence, a Minor DUI or an MIP (Minor in Possession) in the City of Marysville. Knowing this, it is therefore critical to approach this mandatory condition early and with assistance of counsel. Also be aware that an evaluation will involve a urinalysis test to determine if you have consumed alcohol or drugs (including marijuana), so do not consume any substance prior to the evaluation (including marijuana for at least 30 days).

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A DUI victim impact panel is a program that found great support by MADD (Mother's of Drunk Driving). The panel is two hours long, costs $50.00 and is available in Snohomish County on a weekly basis. This panel is required if you have been arrested for DUI, so plan and prepare early. Complete the DUI Victim Panel, obtain a certificate of completion, and provide proof to your DUI defense lawyer.

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It is an absolute necessity that you immediately contact a Marysville DUI lawyer if you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  In Marysville you will receive a court date following your arrest and be expected to appear in court within a few days.  This urgency is why you need to secure the legal assistance that you deserve from a knowledgeable, experienced Marysville DUI lawyer. 

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Marysville has its own court and will demand your presense immediately

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  • More than 60 years of combined criminal defense experience
  • Former Prosecuting Attorney in Snohomish County
  • Author of 20 DUI and Legal Books
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Our Marysville DUI Defense attorneys have a great depth of experience in court and have achieved many victories for our clients over our more than 60 years of combined experience.  We have taken over 100 cases to trial in Snohomish County, and many of them were DUI or similar related charges.  Our criminal defense practice is dedicated the majority of my practice to defending individuals charged with drunk driving offenses. If you are facing charges, this is not the time to have an inexperienced lawyer defending you. You need the best possible defender who is personally dedicated to your cause. I have authored 20 DUI books that detail the entire DUI process including a DUI investigation, the field sobriety tests and drug DUIs.  I know the process, and all the types of opportunities for a viable defense that are often present in DUI charges. Any error in testing, lab procedures, law enforcement actions or conflicting information can lead to a full case dismissal, reduced charges, or an acquittal at court. Take the opportunity to get legal representation that knows how to defend a DUI charge successfully.


Driving under the influence cases are extraordinarily complex and have collateral consequences that are life-altering.  You cannot risk your freedom or your future when facing such severe penalties.  You must retain an attorney who will give your case the attention to detail it deserves.   Challenging a breath or blood test, the standardized field sobriety tests or the legality of the initial stop of your vehicle, is important to your case and must be handled with care by an aggressive defense attorney who will be able to provide the leverage to fight the charge against you.  Look no further, David Jolly and his team of experienced Marysville DUI attorneys do this everyday and will protect you and your rights in Marysville Municipal Court.

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Deferred Prosecution is available to anyone who suffers from alcohol or drug dependency. It is available once per lifetime and the benefits are enormous - the program will dismiss your case (and any attached criminal cases), result in no (zero) jail and may even save your driver's license (check with your DUI lawyer). However, you must abstain from alcohol/drugs for 5 years, be on active probation for 2 years, and the costs can be high.

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If you have a prior DUI arrest, posting bail may be required to stay out of jail

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Penalties for DUI in Marysville include Jail, License Suspension and Interlock

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A DUI arrest in Marysville can be an extremely stressful and emotionally damaging event. The criminal court system alone can also be very frightening and confusing for just about anyone - especially for those who have never been in trouble with the law before. In an instance, a person's future can change. The best stance that anyone can take in order to protect their future would be to hire a Marysville DUI lawyer immediately.At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly, we are 100% committed to earning the best outcome possible for each one of our clients.  Please contact our Marysville DUI defense attorney immediately if you have been arrested for DUI.  This may be an alcohol or the new marijuana DUI.  We also focus our DUI practice on protecting our clients from the Department of Licensing.  

​By contacting and retaining a Marysville DUI defense lawyer from our office early on, you are able to have an advocate of your rights on your case and conducting their own investigation. We can carefully examine every part of your arrest, from the initial police stop to the field sobriety tests to the DOL hearing and the final trial.  We will come up with a strategy to defend you in court and will do whatever we can to defend you - always fighting for amendments or dismissals.

​If you have consumed any controlled drug, by way of inhaling, swallowing or injecting, you face the risk of a mandatory blood draw and arrest.  Truth is, most police officers have no idea how drugs affect the human body and will believe you are under the influence of the drug if you look drowsy.  We understand this is not neccesarily true.  We wrote the Drug DUI book, so if you are charged with driving under the influence of a drug, call us first.  With new marijuana laws being passed in the State of Washington it is even more important that you are careful prior to driving.

 Supervised probation in Marysville is expensive, avoid it at all costs


The City of Marysville has a well established court with its own Judges, two in all, and its own in-house prosecutors. This enables Marysville to prosecute criminal cases quickly, efficiently, and effectively. If you're looking for a quick and wonderful outcome in your criminal case, think again. This is not to say your case will not resolve favorably, however, if it does it will require patience, creativity and an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Marysville prosecuting attorneys put an emphasis on responsibility and pro-activity, in other words, take productive steps to appear like you are taking responsibility for your actions. Such things a defendant should consider in Marysville would be completing an alcohol evaluation and recommended course of treatment, doing a DV Victim Panel (in domestic violence cases), an anger management class (in assault cases) and a defensive driving class (in driving related crimes such as hit and run or reckless driving). In other instances community services hours impress the City. Whatever your case, be aware that the City of Marysville will prosecute aggressively.

For a prosecutor to prove a DUI in court they will turn to the evidence gathered by the Marysville police officer including driving observations, standardize field sobriety tests, admissions by the driver, and breath or blood tests. The officer's own observations about the driver's behavior and what the driver said at the time of the arrest can also be used and are often very damaging. Importantly, field sobriety tests are voluntary and you must have been advised of this to have the evidence used against you. These tests, even when administered properly, are far from accurate and were never designed to prove that a driver is intoxicated or is under the influence of a drug. So, how can a defendant be convicted for DUI based off field sobriety test performance? This is one of many questions that a skilled Marysville DUI lawyer may pose on a client's behalf.  We understand this area of the law and have the weapons to fight the prosecutor in court.

Penalties for driving under the influence are very harsh in Snohomish County and every effort should be made to avoid them or at least mitigate their severity. Depending upon the offense itself as well as the driver's prior record of DUI convictions (if any), a defendant facing DUI charges in Marysville may face imprisonment, heavy fines, driver's license suspension, community service, DUI Victim’s Panel, alcohol or drug treatment, and probation. 

There are certain factors that can make your case more difficult and the penalties more severe including a very high blood alcohol concentration, the presence of a child in the car at the time of the arrest or involvement in an auto accident, may increase the penalties that the defendant faces. At our firm, we offer outstanding legal advice, guidance and DUI resources to potential clients throughout Marysville, Snohomish County. Please contact a Marysville DUI attorney from our firm as soon as possible to schedule a free case consultation. 

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Your future is simply too important to choose any old attorney.  Prosecutors need challenging and you need protection - do not just hire any lawyer to take control of your case.   Law enforcement and prosecutors fight hard for DUI convictions and are happy to add another notch to their belt.  Their reputations coincide with the number of DUI convictions they get and are happy to see you go to jail.  Do not put up with this.  David Jolly understands this system because he was once a part of the system as a prosecuting attorney.  It is this experience you need on your side. 

Just because you have been arrested does not mean you are guilty of the crime.  Remember, the Constitution demands that you are innocent before proven guilty.  The lawyers at the Law Firm of David Jolly understand this and make it the cornerstone of the DUI defense practice.   By working with an aggressive lawyer, you can take the required steps towards protecting your rights and fighting for your future. At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly, we will do everything in our power to help you combat the charges held against you and move towards your best outcome as painlessly as possible.

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The Judge in Marysville may impose the interlock as a condition of release

Your driver's license is at risk and you only have 20 days to save it

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